Live from the Viper Pit – American Trucker Brings a Taste of Home to the Troops

Live from the Viper Pit – American Trucker Brings a Taste of Home to the Troops

(ATAW/AR) It’s late Friday night as the familiar voice comes across the computer speakers welcoming the young soldier to “The Viper Pit”. Rick “Viper” Blackmon, American trucker Monday through Thursday, spins classic rock and country music on America’s Freedom Broadcast Radio, bringing a bit of home to the hot desert sand, every Friday and Saturday night. The role of DJ comes naturally to the outgoing California native as he sends “shout outs” and dedications from loved ones at home to their heroes over seas.

“Its about supporting the troops,” Blackmon says. “I wanted a way to serve them, to thank them for all they do for our country.” The son of an Army veteran in World War 2, Blackmon understands how important our military men and women are to our great nation. “This is the most important thing I’ve ever done.
DJ and station owner, Gilda Jackson, agrees. The vibrant, outspoken Louisiana native, like Blackmon, wanted in some way to give our troops overseas a taste of home, to voice her appreciation and pride in their service. Radio was the furthest thing from her mind until she began listening to Internet radio stations. Praying to God for guidance, the fiery Cajun didn’t hesitate. With Blackmon coming on board in July 2007 as station manager and weekend DJ, as well as technical advisor, SSGT V-Dog and DJs Julia, “DJ Bay”, Carmexlisa, Sidewinder and Cobra, she put together a staff of volunteers whose desire to bring a smile to our military equals her own.

“I want our troops to know that the people at home believe in them, to give them a familiar voice,” Jackson said. “I feel like I won ‘American Idol’, to be given this chance. There are no political ties, we are all driven to get the message to our troops that American loves them and cares about them. I come from the Vietnam generation and what was done to our veterans upon returning from Vietnam still bothers me today.” Her heart breaks to know that it is being done yet again as young men and women return from the sands of Iraq. “It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you must support and pray for our troops. They are fighting for our freedom.”

Blackmon agrees. “We live in the greatest country on the planet thanks to our men and women in the military. Thank you doesn’t even come close.”

It seems as though our country has lost its focus and realization of why we are at war, why we are sending our fathers, sons, wives and daughters to fight. As news networks ceased to show footage of the Twin Towers falling on September 11 and the television cameras slowly faded from view, so did the national collective show of support. They want to support the troops until the cameras leave and then they protest, not realizing those they protest against as they march upon the veterans’ hospitals and memorials are the very ones who are keeping the enemy from attacking them again in their own front yard. They are the very soldiers who have given them their right to attack them, spit upon them on their return from war.

With the media filled with elected officials in Washington demanding a “date of surrender” as well as a detailed plan for withdrawal, which serves no one but the enemy we fight, and politicians campaigning for office not upon issues but against our soldiers and their mission, it is critical – now more than ever – that our troop have groups like America’s Freedom Broadcast to lift them up as they protect our nation. ส่งของราคาถูก

Blackmon and Jackson sum up their mission, which should be the mission of the entire country. America’s Freedom Broadcast radio will remain on the air as long as we have at least one soldier in harm’s way and at least one soldier – whether it be from World War Two to Operation Iraqi Freedom – who needs a welcome home.

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